Life Talk: you are already a lovely human.

And it’s my job to help you feel it, see it, and believe it! It’s time for a revolution.

Rev-o-lu-tion: a sudden, radical, or complete change

You’ve been feeling blah lately—like you’re just going through the motions, trying to do what you can to feel “good enough” while ticking off as many boxes on your to-do list.

You feel like you’ve got a bazillion balls in the air but nothing joyful results from all the juggling. It means you’re waking up feeling stuck, unfulfilled, and overwhelmed. Maybe you’re even having trouble sleeping, especially thinking about how you’re not living your dream life.

It’s not just physical manifestation we’re talking here; emotionally and spiritually, you are in need of a change…of something more.

Have you ever felt like this isn’t the way life is supposed to be? That you’re destined for something greater than what you’re doing now? That every day shouldn’t feel this hard or this heavy?

Here’s the secret:

You’re Right! There is a better way of living! And there IS more to life than what you are experiencing right now.

I help women and teens who want to reach their potential realize that being present and having a positive mindset lead to everyday shifts that create revolution.

Have you ever felt like you didn’t deserve to go after your dreams? That you just aren’t one of those humans who feels confident, loves her body, and is able to say “no” ? Do you have guilt and shame attached to the idea of being successful and abundant?

Big news flash!

Your life is meant to be adventurous + abundant, full of joy + love, overflowing with gratitude + friendship and I want you to FEEL it ALL.

But I’ve tried, you say, it’s hopeless.

I call BS.

You’ve probably enrolled in a yoga class or two. You’ve picked up bestselling self-help books. You’ve signed up for email newsletters and motivational podcasts. Darling, you’ve only JUST scratched the surface; it’s no wonder you’re still feeling a void and nothing seems to truly spark the momentum you desperately seek.

I know how hard (nearly impossible!) it is to shift out of the spirals of guilt, fear, and shame on your own.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. Your life CAN be filled with wonder, excitement, satisfaction, and all the sunshine and unicorns you’ve been looking for. I’ve worked with clients who have benefited from coaching.

Let me share a bit from one of the lovely humans I’ve worked with:

Meghan introduced me to an entirely new world of optimism, self-worth, and serenity. She has taught me to love my body for what it is, that I am and always will be enough and, most importantly, how to love myself unconditionally. The sessions made me feel so much more confident and better about myself.

Will you let me help you own your loveliness and revolutionize your life?

I’ve developed an approach to personal development, the RE Method, which exists as a roadmap to help you reconnect with yourself, rewire habits and patterns, and revolutionize the life you want—and are meant—to lead.

Using this method, I’ll teach you how you can connect to have deep respect for yourself and share techniques for releasing yourself from blame and expectations.

Together we will figure out what patterns and habits are wiring an imbalance in your life and work to establish positive boundaries. I’ll share steps on how to heal reactivity in conversations, speak to tell the truth, and operate with kindness.

You’ll be inspired to define a life of abundance and fortune that will evolve your daily experiences and set in motion the momentum you deserve.

This is how the magic will happen:

We’ll chat: a breakthrough call is essential to see if we’re a good match. I mean, of course we are—you’re still reading!—but I want to be 100% confident that your needs and my offerings are attuned.

When we toast to our compatibility, we’ll dig a bit deeper with worksheets to Anchor, Align + Arise and fill out DreamPlans to determine what our first transformational step together will be.

Next, we’ll set up two 45min recurring meeting times per month, complete with expectations, homework, and Acts of Accountability.

Excited? So am I!

Alright, lovely, no more backseat driving!

It’s my purpose to empower you to know that you are destined and worthy of leading the life you dream of.

I’m here to support you as we assess the icky spots, deconstruct the negative self-talk, and uncover the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. We’ll strip back the layers of heaviness that come from bad relationships + unhealthy choices, so we can establish your personal practice of being present + rebuild your mindset with positivity.

You are meant to be the loveliest human of life; you have gifts to contribute that will make this world a better place. I’m ready to help you make the shifts necessary so you can live a revolutionary life.

It’s time to feel lovely, see lovely, and do lovely so you can make the difference you are meant to. The world needs you to step out of the darkness and bring your light, so let’s start the conversation on WHY now is the time and HOW to get started.

After each session, you’ll walk away with:

  • Action + accountability steps to get you where you want to go. Think: self care techniques, mindset scripts, journaling homework, yoga + meditation suggestions
  • Confidence and a plan for your week(s)
  • Reading suggestions (from yours truly, the book nerd)
  • A sparkle in your eye and a passion for love + life
  • Practical tools that come in the form of videos, worksheets + notes

At the end of our time together (whenever that ends up being—hey, maybe we’ll work together FOREVER!), you’ll walk away rooted in self-love with engrained positive self-talk and a method to achieve self-actualization.

This is for you if:

  • you want an effective method to follow for achieving consistent and long lasting results
  • you don’t want to pay astronomical up-front fees for coaching
  • you want consistent feedback and support as you implement shifts in your daily life
  • you’re ready to step into integrity to make a change and live the life you are meant to

This isn’t for you if:

  • you’re not ready to make yourself a priority
  • you aren’t open to include mindfulness into your daily life
  • you aren’t willing to look at what you could be doing to keep yourself living small

A Breakthrough Call is right for you if:

  • You’ve got some limiting beliefs you want to heal
  • You want something more—something bigger—for yourself and your work
  • You are feeling overwhelmed + want to get unstuck
  • You’re having trouble “sticking to it” + need an accountability expert to support and push you to the next level
  • You realize you stand in your own way of really diving in + living a life you love

During this call you will gain clarity on what you can be doing right-this-second to feel better about yourself and actually achieve your wildest dreams + discover how working with Meg will inspire you to take action in believing in yourself.

Fill out the form below and Meg will get back to you within 24 hours to book your call.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect?

As your coach, I will offer tools, insights, and inspiration to get you feeling like the loveliest human ever. Because I’m good at holding space for others, you’ll feel able to share and heal the heaviness that may be weighing you down. We’ll shift the stories and spirals and begin to rewire how you think, act, and react. Working together, we’ll use your definition of fortune to dreamplan (yes, that IS a word I created!) a life that is full of all the milestones, people, and adventures you have been dreaming of. By the time we’re through, you’ll be feeling sparkly, shiny, and ready to take on life’s big challenges than you ever believed you could.

Do you offer payment plans?

Oh, yes, darling. There are many options available, and I’d love to accommodate as best I can. When we have our initial chat, we can discuss flexible options.

Can you guarantee results?

I’m here to help you want to do the work. And if you do the work, you will see the shifts. I’ve done this work already and have helped others do it too. Check out the testimonials for a detailed look at what these shifts like in action.

Get the support + accountability you need to design a life you love by making the choice now to get out of STUCK and into MOMENTUM. If you’re interested in applying (to see if we’re a good fit!), book your Breakthrough Call now.


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