8 Weeks to Love(ly)

An 8 week group coaching program for positive + passionate humans who want to get unstuck + feel confident enough to dream b i g (without losing themselves in the process!)

8 Weeks to Love(ly): Designing a Life of Presence, Positivity, + Potential is a group coaching course for mindful humans who want to free themselves from limiting beliefs + pursue their passions with mindfulness, loving themselves every bit of the way.

If you question who you are + what you want in life, or are stuck in the cycle of overwhelm, then 8 Weeks to Love(ly) is for you.

I know you want to do significant things in the world, living a life that has purpose and is meaningful. You want to give back + make a difference.


You need to get out of your own way, create positive habits so you can remain mindful, follow your heart + change the world.

You want:

  • To feel good about who you are + what you have to offer the world
  • Healthy boundaries + to know your worth
  • Strategies on how to take care of yourself while DreamPlanning
  • Balance in all aspects of your life: personal, social, professional, spiritual
  • A blueprint for achieving abundance and fortune
  • Mindful practices to keep you connected and focused on your wellbeing
  • Confidence to speak with integrity and act with accountability
  • A roadmap on how you can live your passion + change the world

The problem?

The overwhelm sets in when you begin to make changes + you lose your momentum when challenges arise. You lack accountability + cycle through self-sabotage and negativity. You feel alone and like you’re fighting an uphill battle.

Time to RE-EXAMINE what you’ve been doing (because, love, it ain’t workin’!)

Let’s strip it all back and create a DreamPlan that fills you up, feeds your soul, and inspires you to feel lovely, see lovely, and do lovely.

I’m Meghan + I want you to stop the spirals and lead a life that lights you up AND supports your own self-care and wellbeing.

I’ve felt the way you have + I’ve discovered a roadmap to reconnect with myself, rewire habits and patterns, and revolutionize the life I want (and am meant) to lead.

I’ve put all these learnings into a curriculum that makes sense and offers you momentum—in all areas of your life.

Using the RE Method, I’ll teach you how you can connect to have deep respect for yourself. Together we will figure out what patterns and habits are wiring an imbalance in your life and work to establish positive boundaries. And you’ll be inspired to define a life of abundance and fortune that will evolve your daily experiences.

What You Can Expect from
8 Weeks to Love(ly)

During this 8 week coaching program, I will am here to help you:

  • Understand how the RE Method can be used to design a life of presence, positivity + potential
  • Feel safe in an online community of like-minded humans who are ready to support you—wherever you are on the journey
  • Reconnect to the loveliness that is innately in you
  • Rewire your thinking and empower helpful boundaries
  • Revolutionize your mindset and your plan for abundance

You’ll Be Armed With:

  • Self care toolbox that will include everyday practices to keep you inspired
  • Yoga sequences and meditation affirmations to integrate into everyday life
  • Blueprint for rewiring unsupportive or toxic habits
  • Positivity and an improved mindset to help you dream BIG
  • Roadmap for navigating difficult conversations
  • Strategies to continually inspire you and those around you
  • A reading list to trump all lists (think….Gabby, Elena, Brene, Pema, and a slew of others that will just inspire the heck out of you long after our last session!)

You’ll Also Get:

  • Weekly live group coaching calls on Monday nights
  • Beautifully designed PDF workbooks and journal prompts
  • Yoga video and HIIT workout video to support your wellness
  • Group accountability in the form of closed Facebook group and lifetime access to member portal
  • Essential Oil + Mood Guide
  • Audio meditations
  • 1:1 email access to me for the duration of the 8 weeks
  • Lifetime access to all course training + support materials
  • Snail mail goodies (because, obviously I love gifties in the mailbox!)

Module 1: {Reconnect} :

Module 2: {Rewire} :

Module 3: {Revolutionize} :

  • identify core values
  • release self from blame + expectations
  • begin healing past stories
  • create self care rituals
  • identify relationship to food, love, + money
  • heal reactivity in conversations
  • recognize and establish healthy boundaries
  • learn to tell the truth & operate with kindness
  • plan a Give-Back project
  • define success + fortune
  • establish Grati-Giving practice
  • envision your best life + create a Dreamplan

Get the support + accountability you need to design a life you love by making the choice now to get out of STUCK and into MOMENTUM.

Plus you have a choice of 2 payment options…

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if this is the right program?

Intuition, baby—and a strong gut reaction that THIS is going to get you moving on that journey to living with presence + positivity so that you can begin living up to your potential. And maybe you like my vibe.

Will the program really work for me?

I should hope so! While I’ve carefully curated a curriculum that is thoughtful, intuitive, and grounded in a lot of personal work, this will only work if you do too. The more you invest effort and time wise (and the more honest and open you’re ready to be), then the happier you’ll be with how the RE Method transforms your life.

Who is this program for?

Women who are ready to get real about what’s working in their lives, what’s not, + want to DO something about it. If you’ve got a dream, and find yourself stuck behind some obstacles (or a nagging feeling that things could be better than they are), then this is for you.

How much time will I need to commit to each week?

Our calls will be an hour on Monday nights. If you want to dive a LOT deeper, the homework and reading could.

When does the program start?

8 Weeks to Love(ly) starts Monday March 26th, 2018.


8 Weeks to Lovel(ly)

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