About the RE Method

Three pillars form the foundation for the Lovely Human School: reconnect, rewire, and revolutionize. Within these, various mindfulness practices (including yoga, meditation, journaling, + conversation) support your journey to feel lovely, see lovely, and do lovely.

reverence + freedom

Develop a deep respect for the self + release expectations and blame while being present in the moment.

balance + transparency

Examine relationships with humans and things, heal reactivity, align priorities + tell the truth with a positive mindset.

rebuild + fortune

Give to others and create a DreamPlan for living passionately and to your potential.

Coaching, Courses, + Collective

for Women

8 Weeks to Love(ly)

An 8 week online group coaching program for positive + passionate humans who want to get unstuck + feel confident enough to dream B I G (without losing themselves in the process!)

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Mindful Momentum Collective

Get unstuck and let your biggest hopes + dreams gain traction in a private, online portal. Themed, live monthly calls, weekly email love, and daily motivation will help you feel supported and inspired. Extra perks, like discounts and freebies, come with the membership!

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Mindful Momentum Coaching

This isn’t your typical life coaching. A monthly subscription gets you TWO live calls a month so you can begin living with presence, positivity, and potential. You need a cheerleader? An accountability expert? Someone to be a shoulder to cry on AND the tough love guru? I’m that human! And I’d love to share my RE Method for up-levelling every area of your life and supporting you as you go after your dreams.

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8 Weeks to Lovel(ly)

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The Big Three

Want to know the 3 Essential Things I do every.single.day?

Get access to the no-nonsense habits I use to stay close to myself and moving towards my goals—even when I don’t want to get out of bed