Human with Harmony + Make Self-Care Your Superpower!

An online school for self-care

Let’s be real — we don’t get taught this stuff in school. In fact, there’s a lot to be desired when it comes to our education system; we don’t learn about financial literacy, communication, relationships — the things we need to not only adult, but adult well.

Truth bombs + bath bombs

Self-care is so much more than the fluffy stuff. It's about self-awareness, emotional regulation, and learning to be in the moment. Here’s what propels us forward: really understanding how we work as individuals and knowing how to take care of our needs.

We tend to ignore these needs like we ignore the mysterious ingredients in our bags of Doritos. Unlike with those ingredients though, ignoring our own requirements leaves us drained and miserable.

People just want to be happy

Living a life where you see abundance and things just seem to fall into place isn’t a pipe dream. LHS students learn how to walk in alignment with what lights them up, set and assert boundaries, and be lucky.


LHS is for you if...

You need a place to grow that's approachable, friendly, playful, welcoming, and where tears and vulnerability are A-OK. 


We've got the courses, coaching, and community you have been searching for so you can human with harmony and make self-care your superpower!


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