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How To Wake Up Early + Plan Your Perfect Morning

Having time for yourself in the morning could be the difference between a good day and a great day!

 I think you might be ready for the up-level!

Let’s Plan Your Perfect Morning!

Creating a morning routine for myself was a game changer as I was building a business.

 It was even more integral when I was working through some personal healing.

“Life is getting up an hour early to live an hour more”

Waking up early continues to be one of the keys to my success, including the ability to happily manage my numerous responsibilities, passions, and dreams.

Because I spend a lot of my day giving to others—teaching at the college, holding space in a yoga studio, nurturing my community—it has become a priority to find quiet, solo time.


Mornings, for me, are what enable me to remain focused on my WHY and move towards my dreams.


I am more mindful and in momentum when I wake up early.

Right now, you’re probably thinking…  

You think I’m going to wake up at 5am?

You think I can get out of bed?

I’ll be too tired all day.

I wouldn’t know what to do that early.


And I’ll say, if I can do it, you can do it too.


And maybe we need a consequence

to help you keep your promise…

When I first started waking up early, I needed a consequence to the promise of waking up early. I decided to ask my younger sister to hold me accountable.  I shared that I was setting my alarm for 5am five days a week and should I wake up later than 5:10, I would owe her $20. Being a university student, she loved this idea of “free money”  and cashing in on my own downfall.


Happily, I can say that I did not miss a day for months (there was no way my little sister was getting a cent of my money…and I didn’t want to model breaking promises to myself).


Now, waking up early is something I look forward to—and I no longer need the consequence as motivation to get my butt outta bed. I’ve created such a sacred space that when my alarm goes off, I’m happy to crawl out of my warm bed and onto my zabuton to spend time taking care of myself.


So, you’re probably wondering, what the heck are you doing that early in the morning?!


Here’s my morning routine:


  1. Lemon water while I write my morning lines + money manifestation
  2. Stretch out (sometimes yoga and sometimes free-flow)
  3. Work >> writing, social media, emails (something that makes me feel like I’ve checked off my to do list)
  4. Business development (dreaming, planning, reflecting)
  5. Meditate (or go cuddle back up in bed for 20min)
  6. Coffee or tea

Morning routines can look different for everyone. I’ve come to realize a few things about my routine. I used to begin my mornings by meditating right away but realized I wasn’t awake enough and my brain would always veer off to my to do lists. So, I decided to get a bit done BEFORE meditating so that I could be more present as I took a few breaths and centred for my day.

Always remember what your goal is and plan for morning time that helps you get closer to that.

Plan your Perfect Morning:

  1. What’s the feeling you want to feel in the morning?
  2. What three activities will help you get closer to that feeling?
  3. Write out a sequence of activities that may work and be open to altering.
  4. Determine what time you want to wake up.
  5. Construct a consequence for not waking up.


Be kind to yourself as you begin a new morning routine and be sure to focus on the positive things you are feeling (not the fact that you’re starving by 10am or that you’re falling asleep at 2pm). Like anything that’s worth it, this transition will be difficult but as it gets easier, you will enjoy the benefits of more time, more energy, and more connectedness to yourself and your dreams.


Living the loveliest life possible means giving yourself the gift of time and connection.


Beginning your day sending the message to yourself that you are worth it improves your frequency and brings that feel-good energy needed to go after your dreams.

 If you’ve been thinking that something needs to shift—that you need more time, more energy, more resources, this is IT. Implement easy self care today!


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