The greatest gift a teacher can give students is…

The realization that they have a choice. Being a human being involves actualizing all of one’s potential, making choices, determining the course of our own life, and becoming the artist that gives this journey substance and meaning (Gomm).

Hi, My name is Meghan Juuti (but soon I’ll be Meghan Bonhomme, so let’s go with that!) — I am a teacher, a learner, and a big dream chaser. I choose to lead a legacy of positivity and potential and to be a catalyst for self-love and empowerment.

I believe in potential. I believe that we can go after our dreams. I believe that sometimes we need someone to listen, someone to believe in our capacity for greatness, and someone who will hold space for us and help us be accountable as we embark on the journey of loving ourselves. I believe in lovely humans. And I believe we can all change the world.

Growing up I felt that I was different from other kids (cue the infamous duckling!) and didn’t really fit in.

As a strong academic student and successful athlete, I held myself to unrealistic expectations of perfection and constantly felt that who I was wasn’t good enough. Coming from a loving but fractured family meant that I put a lot of pressure on myself to be the “good girl” and to stay within the lines of “proper” and “appropriate,” never daring to challenge the rules. Instead of gaining a stronger voice as I entered my teen years, I became more disconnected from myself, frequently letting others speak for me and putting everyone’s needs before my own to prove my self worth. This exacerbated my deep fear of failure and my sneaky avoidance of accountability.

When I secured my dream job as a college professor at age 21, to many, it appeared on the outside that I had “made it.” Inside, however, I didn’t actually know (or like) who I was and felt like my constant striving wasn’t enough. The imbalance and lack of control I felt as I tried to please others showed up as eating issues, unhealthy romantic boundaries, and a complete disconnect with who I was and who I wanted to be.

There were times I felt guilt and shame over feeling unlovable and out of place.

Eventually, disconnection and feeling stuck
led me to yoga…

It took only five minutes of sitting on the mat for the tears to begin to flow. The teacher’s voice transported me inward, seeking out the self-worth threads that had been tangled for years. I think I cried every week, but I knew I was moving the hurt and healing myself through self-compassion and non-judgment. It was like I was seeing myself for the first time. It was here that I learned the power of sitting with ourselves, connecting to our pain, and healing through self love.

As yoga and journaling became part of my lifestyle, meditation and other mindfulness practices followed suit. I began making decisions that aligned with what I needed and began to embrace who I was and who I wanted to be.

With countless yoga practices and notebooks filled with ink and tears, I realized I could choose to value and love myself—without needing or expecting it from others. I realized that I was enough. While I haven’t got it all figured out, I’ve added daily practices into my life that feed my soul, keep me grounded, and remind me that I am worthy of love and that I can listen and respond to my own needs and wants.

I’ve had hundreds of interactions with students, peers, and mentors reminding me how we are not taught how to take care of ourselves, how to love ourselves, and how to be our own number one fan. After coaching over 1000 athletes and almost 10,000 students, I have realized that my experience isn’t unique: we all want to belong and feel loved and there are moments where we’ve all

  • disconnected from ourselves
  • wired ourselves into self-destructive patterns
  • become afraid to dream big and go outside the box of “typical”

I’ve been able to take my learnings and develop intuitive coaching and programming to create a movement of self-love and empowerment. With over a decade of experience coaching and mentoring, I am passionate about providing girls and women with the tools essential to love and trust one’s self enough to stay vulnerable and live with passion, purpose, and positivity.

The best thing I ever did was begin the conversation about how I was showing up for myself and what I was doing to love and take care of myself. Now, I’m ready to extend the reach with the lovely human school, sharing my journey of (re)connecting and (re)wiring habits so we can all (r)evolutionize our lives.

Speaking and Events

Because I wear many hats, I want to help many people. From educators to students, moms to athletes, I’d love to share the Lovely Human School coaching philosophy and course offerings. If confidence building, self-love practices, developing positive habits, and dreaming big (in addition to yoga, meditation, or mindful writing practices) are of interest, I’d be thrilled to work with you or your organization. As a post-secondary educator, I have a passion for bringing these themes of belonging and vulnerability to all individuals. I’m excited to change the world on a grand scale, so please reach out!



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