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Hi there! I’m Meg!

Hi! I’m Meghan, goal coach + self care strategist for busy humans who are ready to put themselves first + (actually) reach their goals.

Whether you’ve been caught up in school, work, relationships, or parenting, you’re last on the TO DO list and you’re at your breaking point. AMIRIGHT?

But don’t worry; I’ve been there + I’m here to tell you this (near) breakdown can be your BIG breakthrough!

Discover what school didn’t teach us—the nitty gritty about taking care of ourselves, staying mindful in a world of uncertainty, and being relentless in going after our dreams.

You don’t have to spiral any longer!

I teach others how to live with presence + positivity so they can reach their potential. My goal is to empower you to feel so connected to yourself--to wire such positive habits--that you revolutionize your life, and change the world in the ways you are passionate about.

Feel lovely. See lovely. Do lovely.

Sound like you could use an infusion of mindfulness + mindset techniques to uplevel your life? Ready to jump into the positivity bubble?

reconnect, rewire & revolutionize

It’s time to start loving yourself, establishing healthy habits and boundaries, and dreamplanning your wildest hopes and aspirations. And I’m here to get you there—to design and live your LOVELIEST LIFE POSSIBLE.

Mindful Momentum Collective

Get unstuck and let your biggest hopes + dreams gain traction in a private, online portal. Themed, live monthly calls, weekly email love, and daily motivation will help you feel supported and inspired. Extra perks, like discounts and freebies, come with the membership!

Meg is a ray of sunshine...

Meg has mentored and coached our daughter for many years and I cannot say enough about her. She started personally coaching Sydney when Sydney was only in Grade 6 (she was 11) and continued to coach her until Grade 9. Meg helped Sydney in so many more ways than just teaching her to be a great athlete. She helped with self confidence first and foremost. Meg is the perfect soul to guide your daughter. Through all of this Meg became a personal friend of mine and has coached and taught me as well. She is a gem.

My Story

I believe that we can go after our dreams but sometimes we need someone to listen, someone to believe in our capacity for greatness, and someone who will hold space for us and help us be accountable as we embark on the journey of loving ourselves. However it wasn't always so simple...

Growing up I felt that I was different from other kids and didn’t really fit in. As a strong academic student and successful athlete, I held myself to unrealistic expectations of perfection and constantly felt that who I was wasn’t good enough.

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As yoga and journaling became part of my lifestyle, meditation and other mindfulness practices followed suit. I began making decisions that aligned with what I needed and began to embrace who I was and more importantly who I wanted to be.

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Now I want to empower you to feel lovely about yourself, see the loveliness in others, and do lovely things in the world. I know I want to change the world. My goal is to empower other people to feel so connected to themselves--to wire positive patterns--so that they can revolutionize their lives, and change the world in the ways they are passionate about.

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